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Welcome to all of out new pupils for September 2021. We will be in touch with next steps very soon.

British Values

Promoting Fundamental British Values

In line with the Department for Education’s guidance on promoting Fundamental British Values, we endeavour to ensure our young people leave school prepared for modern life in Britain. At NBIS, we nurture children to be ready for life’s opportunities and challenges, to develop the ability to keep themselves and others safe and to be respectful of everyone. 


The Fundamental British Values are: 


Democracy defined by Elm class as giving everyone a chance to share and vote but accepting that the one with the most has to win. 


Rule of Law defined by Oak class as being safe and making good choices and having police there to make sure it happens. 


Mutual Respect and Tolerance for Others defined by Hazel class as treating others how you wish to be treated. 


Individual Liberty defined by Birch class as being able to make our own choices and say what we want. 


Opportunities to actively promote these values are diverse and embedded into the school curriculum and culture. 


Children show democracy by volunteering their view, exercising their vote, accepting majority decisions gracefully, and ensuring a winning outcome is implemented. Such opportunities include: 

*the opportunity to nominate charities for our school to support

*voting on their favourite charity

*voting on whole class rewards

*voting on books to be read in story time

*running for school council

*electing school council 


Children show rule of law by being ready, respectful and safe as expected from our behaviour policy. They are kind to each other, help each other and understand that there are consequences to the choices they make. Such opportunities include:


*P4C sessions discussing right from wrong using contextualised examples

*our school behaviour policy

*learning about the police in Year R

*books and stories 


*sporting opportunities

*whole school events, such as anti-bullying week



Children show mutual respect and tolerance to others by being kind to one another 


*learning about other religions in RE

*learning about other cultures through festivals and assemblies 

*giving children the opportunity to teach each other about things that are important to them 

*recognising and participating in anti-bullying week, world kindness day, children in need, world mental health day, 

*our school behaviour policy

*staff modelling respect to all



*whole school events, such as children in need

*buddies for older children to support younger children

*looking after Monty


Children show individual liberty through choosing where they learn, choosing which resources they need, having a voice to say how they feel and choosing which extra-curricular activities they wish to engage with. Such opportunities include:


*using a free flow model in Year R, so the children choose where they learn and what they learn with

*having golden time in KS1, so the children choose their play

*P4C sessions in which children can voice thief opinions 

*choosing which lunch and snack they want to eat

*choosing who their friends are 

*choosing which level of challenge they attempt in lessons 


*school talent show

*extra-curricular clubs and school discos

*sports day

*whole school events, such as world book day and St George’s day

*green team to develop our school as being eco-friendly