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North Baddesley Infant School

Growing together, learning for life

In advance of the January 2022 opening of our new term-time only nursery setting, we are hosting a drop-in session for any parents/carers who are interested in finding out more about our provision. Please feel free to come along to our Nursery building in the school playground on Monday 13th December between 3.30pm and 5pm, where we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have!

Our Pedagogy

Children learn best when they are motivated and engaged in what they are doing. They are born explorers and, particularly in the early years, we believe it is vital that children are given the space and freedom to investigate, to discover and to follow their own pathways, with guidance from trusted adults.


Play is at the very heart of our curriculum, yet the word ‘play’ is often misunderstood. At our Nursery, the challenge that excites us is how we make play motivating and engaging but, most crucially, progressive. As a teacher-led setting and as part of a wider school community, we do not see teaching as separate from play, nor do we infer teaching to mean one fixed view of how things should be done. To us, teaching encompasses all the different ways adults help children to learn and develop. We employ a range of approaches, strategies and techniques to ensure high-quality early years provision:


Discovery Time

This is when children are given the freedom to explore the environment, both inside and out, and choose and direct their own activities, with guidance from our highly-skilled practitioners. Within each area of our provision, it would be our intention to stock it with a variety of interesting, stimulating resources that engage children and have the potential to extend their learning. Our approach takes into account ‘common play behaviours’ – essentially what children are likely to do in a certain area with a certain set of resources. We would then align this to their level of experience and stock the area with bespoke equipment designed to stimulate them and extend their learning.


Structured learning times

To supplement children’s ‘child-initiated’ learning, we also plan a daily programme of short, targeted teaching, where activities are pre-planned with, in the majority of cases, a specific outcome in mind. Our directed sessions are always short, sharp and highly focused, designed to expose children to concepts that they can then embed during Discovery Time. In addition, daily ‘Family Time’ sessions are also timetabled for children to spend time with their designated key person.