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North Baddesley Infant School

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In advance of the January 2022 opening of our new term-time only nursery setting, we are hosting a drop-in session for any parents/carers who are interested in finding out more about our provision. Please feel free to come along to our Nursery building in the school playground on Monday 13th December between 3.30pm and 5pm, where we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have!

School Closure

When situations occur that are beyond our control and the school is forced to close, we understand that giving you the maximum notice possible is the best course of action - having to make a decision to close the school(s) mid-way through a school day is far from ideal for everyone.


For situations affecting more than our school alone, the Head teachers of both the Infant and Junior Schools will consult on the best course of action for BOTH schools. As we serve the same catchment area and the same families, we will adopt a similar course of action. Many of our teachers and support staff travel considerable distance into North Baddesley - it is important that we consider the safety of the whole school community.


NBIS will attempt to notify you in three ways:


1/ The official HCC School Closure page: this links with alerts to local radio stations


2/ See the scrolling banner on the school website home page


3/ Receive a text message from school


Please always make these your first choice rather than ringing school. If none of these show closure information, assume school is open as usual. The information can be entered remotely so a decision can be made at the earliest opportunity.


** Please note that the above steps may not be taken in the event of a local or national Coronavirus lockdown **