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Transition to Year R

At North Baddesley Infant school we realise that starting school cannot only be an anxious time for the child but also the parents. Whether it be your first child or your last child, the idea of your child taking their next step in their journey can be an exciting yet worrying time. We believe that the transition to school is one of the most important factors and it can vary dependent on each individual child.


The process of transition is a long one and a lot of things go into the transition behind the scenes. Once your child’s place is confirmed the EYFS leader will contact your child’s nursery or pre-school setting. Here, the EYFS leader will arrange relevant handovers and potential visits to settings to start the process.


In a typical year, later in the summer term, you and your child will be invited to attend a stay and play session. Your child will get to know the environment, the school and some familiar faces that they will get to know. You will then be invited to another session, where the children will get to know their class teacher and find out which classroom they will be in. During these sessions, your child may receive some challenges to complete ready for their start in September.


As a parent or carer, you will also be invited to an induction evening. This is vital in supporting your child in their transition to school. During this event you will receive information about the school but also relevant information to take away with you in packs.


Early in September, you and your child will receive a home visit from your child’s class teacher. These sessions are just to support your child in building a trusting relationship with their new teaching team. It is also a great opportunity to ask any questions before they start their new school. Following this, your child will attend school in a staggered start, meeting half of their class before going full time. This is an important part of the process as your child has the chance to build friendships with new peers on a smaller scale, before being in class with 29 other children.