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In advance of the January 2022 opening of our new term-time only nursery setting, we are hosting a drop-in session for any parents/carers who are interested in finding out more about our provision. Please feel free to come along to our Nursery building in the school playground on Monday 13th December between 3.30pm and 5pm, where we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have!

What we've been up to

Please send us some photos of things you are doing at home. We will try and keep this page updated regularly. Send your photos to

Virtual Sports Day

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We're all in this together

To all the pupils and their families from us

12th June

Jake's Jam Jars

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Jake made his own musical instrument... take it away Jake!


Bella made friends with this beautiful butterfly (do you know what type it is Bella?)



Blake has discovered a love of jigsaws (not sure about that football kit Blake...)



Harrison has been playing 'Sock Archery' 



Thomas made this Big Wheel fairground ride with his K-Nex


4th June

Ryan has been keeping busy with his work.



Scarlett has been having a great time in the great outdoors.



Phoebe baked bagels, balanced and barrow and burrowed at the beach!



Dominic caught a fish!



Alfie is very proud of his hard work.



Poppy and Harry are Stay At Home Heroes!



Molly has been getting outside (and under canvas!)


19th May


Blake has been making his own maths resources!



Gracie has been learning in the garden and eating in the garden.



Harrison has been growing a beanstalk and growing his brain! (inventive use of pegs - well done Mummy/Daddy)



Leo is really proud of his Geography work. I'm certain Mummy is proud work too, Leo. Not so sure she's so proud that its happened in the lounge...



Megan-a lot and Sir Sampson the brave built this amazing castle.



Oliver has been experimenting with his electronics kit.


15th May


Aniya has been using real money for her maths, doing lots of reading (Alice in Wonderland?) and making the patio look pretty!



Dylan has been hanging out with some real superheroes and being incredibly brave. If you're squeamish, keep scrolling!



Emily has been getting crafty.



Sadie has been cheating at getting expert advice on Guess Who?



...she has also been working hard on her learning.



While Jackson has been daydreaming about when the hair salon will reopen...



Sophie has invented her own game for matching words and their contracted form! Go Sophie (and Sophie's mum!)


12th May



Lewi made THIS rainbow!


(Lewi, I missed this photo from last week! I don't know how I forgot it because it is INCREDIBLE! I'm sorry, Mr Stuart)



Harry was on the front page of the newspaper! WOW!



Isla wrote her own letter to Duncan from The Day the Crayons Quit (we love that book!)



Jake has been busy with his home learning



Phoebe has been keeping busy indoors and out



Mr Bump dressed up as Thomas...



Rosanna celebrated VE Day with her evacuated teddies!


11th May


Alfie drew this beautiful butt-ER-fly.



Anika designed and then build her castle!



Aoife and Eli made their own potion recipes and built this awesome robot!



Bella had a brilliant birthday! Happy Birthday Bella!



Blake celebrated VE day in style!



Joseph picnicked in the garden then made a new eight-legged friend.



Daisy and Margot made some rainbows before turning their hands to fashion designing!



Thomas made this incredible VE Day bunting.



Madison has been practising her phonics, maths and painting. She also made lemonade and dressed as an astronaut. Well, why not?



Rosanna made a new friend!



Oliver has been exercising his artistic skills... and his legs.



Reggie, Ruby and Archie celebrated VE Day with ice cream.




7th May

Reggie caught a dragon!

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Taylor has been researching Narwhales (or is it Narwhals?)



Alfie made this Union Jack flag for VE day.



Autumn has been farming, cleaning, Hit the Button-ing and drawing. This self-portrait is very realistic - you've got the teeth just right Autumn! 



Mia painted this very royal looking portrait.



Thomas built Knex-man!


5th May


Dominic has been digging a volcano!



I don't know what this is Daisy, but it looks exciting!!



Dylan build a Lego tower taller than himself and then went camping in the garden! 




Molly has been painting - she gave up using the brush!




Olivia has fallen in love with her bike!



Ryan has been building his castle and taking his daily dose of exercise.


1st May


Phoebe has been working hard and getting creative. She even wore her school uniform to go with her new haircut!



Oliver has been busy on his Glowpad and in the woods.



Practising your handwriting is serious business, isn't it Harrison?



Bobby has been cooking, woodpecker spotting and Fancy Dress Friday with Joe!




30th April


Alfie drew this awesome picture of Toothless!



Blake has learned a new card game and had a picnic - with quite a few guests.



Charlie has been practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's in creative ways.



Leo drew this amazing picture of Fang!


29th April


Margot drew this awesome dragon.



Daisy also drew a dragon and even wrote about it!



Matilda has been learning to ride her bike, crafting in the garden and creating her own gardens. She has still found a (small) space for reading!



Joseph has made this cheery chick by cutting out different shapes. 


28th April


Bella has been playing Hit the Button! My favourite. Play it here



Jake made an incredible train track which took over the ENTIRE room!



Jasmine has been gardening, camping and... surprise, surprise... building a castle!


27th April

Joseph has been working hard on his ordinal numbers! Great work Joseph, you look very proud of yourself.



Taylor has been working hard on his money problems in maths and learning to make his own lunch! Brilliant job Taylor - it looks delicious.




Jessie put a tent up in her garden and went for a bike ride - did you sleep in the tent Jessie?



Harry has been scooting, crafting, baking and learning.



Blake wrote an awesome Easter poem.



India and Felix have been planting flowers, riding bikes and generally having a crazy time!



Leo designed this castle by the seaside. Can you spot the seagulls?




Harrison didn't just make a castle...!



Maddison made a castle and started a band. Not only that, Maddison and Evan got a new baby brother! Congratulations Maddison and Evan (and mummy and daddy).



Mr Stuart went for a run and raised lots of money for charity. Thank you so very much to everyone who sponsored him!



Princess Rosanna made herself a castle.



Thomas made this castle for a rather exciting looking football match.



Scarlett made this castle. Here she is cheering the NHS on a Thursday night and showing off the rainbows in her window.





24th April


Sophie has her castle project all wrapped up! (..get it?)



Alice made this INCREDIBLE Lego house!



Even Alfie's castle has a rainbow!



Aoife and Eli have been conducting experiments with Skittles, baking and labelling their body parts (you seem to have a smiley rash on your arm Aoife!)



Daisy and Margot have been for a wild wander (while wearing wings!)



Dominic is very pleased with his castle!



Finley made a castle so big he could get in it!




Lucy made an entire village for her castle.



Oliver didn't just make a castle - it now his new toy!



Olivia wrote this amazing poem about Coronavirus which not only rhymes but also sets some ambitious lesson planning for Miss Welch!



Oscar's joined the castle club! can you find the moat, turrets and drawbridge?



Rose designed her castle first before she built and painted it. Great choice of colours Rose!




23rd April


Blake is missing football - I know how you feel Blake!



Leo, Sadie and Skye have all been busy making their castles.


Daisy has been keeping really busy - look at all that crafting!


Bella got all her learning jobs done so drew her favourite 'How to Train Your Dragon' character - great picture of Hookfang Bella!



Dougie (and Cooper) found the biggest cardboard box I have ever seen! Dougie has also been doing a bit of DIY in between his home learning.



Holly made this awesome castle!



Phoebe has been making, mowing, learning and Joe Wicks-ing! 


21st April

Katie has been busy in the garden over Easter - look at this before and after photo!




Mia made this castle and labelled it:



Sean has been creative with his paints and modelling - impressive!



Thomas has been practising his four times table and going for a spring-spotting bike ride.



Blake made this montage of his busy Easter holiday.

10th April

Easter egg hunts and Easter nest making at school



Emily has been cooking a healthy dinner and opening her own beauty salon! What do you think Henry?



9th April

Nathaniel has been busy making salt-dough, baking, making his own lunch, reading to his sister...


8th April

Yesterday the children at school made lava lamps using oil, vinegar and bicarb.



Harry and his brother have been making bath bombs!




7th April

Olivia, Curtis and Jake have been tackling some Lego challenges.






Continuing the rocket theme.. Yesterday, Matthew made this incredible space rocket complete with detachable boosters and shuttle!



6th April

At school, Mr Boalch, Curtis and Jake have been making paper horses that walk!


You can make one too - instructions are here

NBIS Grand National.mp4

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The children have also made some Easter bunting which is being given to Dawson Lodge care home in West End.


Leo made this game with a giant, giant's castle, dragons and samurai in it. Amazing!



Bella has been baking. If you bake a Frozen cake, does it melt?



Reggie made this handsome Easter bonnet and found an egg shell. He's trying to find out what sort of bird laid the egg...




3rd April

Matthew has made a whole book about cars using his computer. That blurb makes me want to know... what does happen at the end?




Sonny has been making a rainbow for his window and working hard on his learning.




Bridie has been baking cakes...




.. and they have both been keeping fit with Joe Wicks!




Bobby has been planting a garden and completing his home learning about cars.




Oliver has made this colourful boardgame.



Charlie has also been writing about the history of cars.



Nick made this wonderful natural artwork!


2nd April

Jake made a ramp for his car and measures how far the car travelled - check out his video!




Still image for this video

Blake baked hobnobs for his sisters birthday (we love hobnobs in the staffroom Blake!)



Jackson designed this awesome aerodynamic car! (Nice trousers Jackson)



Sadie painted this spring scene complete with pink castle. I love the birds' wings!



Macy has been working hard on her maths.





31st March

Finley has been working hard on his writing.


Oliver is clearly enjoying his maths.


Jake made a clock powered by a lemon - WOW! - UPDATE it lasted for 5 days!!




Taylor has been out for a woodland wander in the sunshine with his brothers and working very hard at home - Looks like mum is working hard too Taylor :-)



Charlie S invented a car! (that's a lot of horsepower!)


Reggie has been keeping busy doing work from the blog.



Bella and Reuben have been enjoying the sunshine and building a reading den!




30th March

At school, the children have been making rainbows and thank you signs for NHS workers to put on the fence.





Molly and Charlie have been making flowers for Ms Osborne!



26th March

Blake S made this fantastic Lego model and then wrote about it.



Leo made this INCREDIBLE spring scene! Wow.


Lucy has been following social distancing advice while talking to her friend and bouncing on her trampoline - can you spot Rosanna?



Lucy has also adopted a pet ladybird - she has drawn it and written about it. What have you named it Lucy?




Elizabeth has been conducting science experiments with colour and making these beautiful paper dolls after reading the book Paper Dolls smiley



Harrison has been super busy! Junk modelling, spelling and maths. He looks pretty happy about it too!




Harry has planted his own garden and made sure he stayed safe on a bike ride.




Evie H made this amazing natural sculpture! I love the fir cone roof!