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Welcome to all of out new pupils for September 2021. We will be in touch with next steps very soon.

Year 2

Dearest Year 2 children,


The home learning for this week is:

  • Have Fun
  • Stay safe in the sun
  • times tables
  • Carry out one act of random kindness to someone older and one to someone younger
  • Eat all your fruit and vegetables
  • HAVE FUN heart


See you in school xxx


Dear Year 2,


Have a wonderful weekend. We cannot wait to see you next week.




The Year 2 team smiley



Apologies if today's phonics is a repeat. Please log on to the Rising Stars to further support at home with reading and comprehension. I hope you all find this beneficial and easy to use.


Because of the volume of people trying to log on this morning, which is wonderful, sometimes a system 500 error is being generated. Try again straight away and it seems to let you straight in. 


Thank you


Ms Osborne

Rising Stars

Rising Stars

The Reading Planet Online Library is an interactive eBook library which we have engaged with to support you and your children at home until September 2020. You will have access to a large range of interactive, colourful eBooks, quizzes and a rewards system in order to support and boost your child’s reading skills and keep them engaged with reading.

Your child’s teacher has assigned specific books for your child to enjoy.


Please see the attached PDF for guidance.


Have fun!

Virtual School Sports Week

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Year 2!


One more week until we get to see your gorgeous faces! Have a super week.


Year 2 team xx

Morning beautiful children heart


Watch this space for a super exciting reading opportunity which is about to come your way …...


More information soon …...


Can't wait to see you all w/c 20th July.


Much love


The Year 2 team xxx

Ooops! Think something went wrong with the upload today ... Maths for today and tomorrow is below. Enjoy xx

Moving Up! Great books to read before Year 3



We know how much you love a new voice, so please do check out the Year 1 blog for more stories and poems read by the Year 1 teachers.



Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July

Morning gorgeous year 2 children.


Some jokes to tickle you ……


How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?


Ten (tickles) smiley


Why do dragons sleep during the day?


So they can fight Knights!


Why has a giraffe got a long neck?


Because his feet stink!


Have a great day heart xx

Wednesday 01st July

CAKE!!!! 🧁 🍰 🎂

Still image for this video

Monday 29th June

Friday 26th June

Super Pants

Still image for this video

A Squash and a Squeeze

Still image for this video

Rosie is my best friend 🌟

Still image for this video

Rosie is my best friend Part 2

Still image for this video

I understand some websites have ended their free access period, and I completely understand this is frustrating for parents. Therefore, I have attached additional maths challenges and I endeavour to add a 'mystery' each week too.


Also, the following websites continue to support learning, they are extensive resources which are updated daily. Please explore them and enjoy.



Look forward to seeing you all next week.


Year 2



Monday 22nd June

Dear Year 2,


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week when you pick up your DT packs (see information below re this if you haven't already).


Hugs smiley


Year 2 team

Friday 19th June

Dear parents,


Typically, at this time of year the year 2 children have the opportunity to make a puppet in class as part of their design technology curriculum. This is an opportunity we would still like the children to have. Therefore, we have organised a bundle for each child which includes all of the materials they will need, a template and clear step by step instructions.


As there are real needles in the packs, adult support and guidance is highly recommended. The packs are whole and complete and have been double checked, so each child receives the same.


In order to support collection we invite year 2 to collect these packs at the following times and days:

  • Wednesday 24th Hazel Class from 12.45 - 2.00 from Willis Avenue gate
  • Thursday 25th Hawthorne Class from 12.45 - 2.00 from Willis Avenue gate
  • Friday 26th Beech Class from 12.45 - 2.00 from Willis Avenue gate

Collection is from Willis Avenue gate only and between the times of 12.45 and 2.00 only. This is in order to continue to support the school and our families with keeping everyone safe.


Children will receive a pack, from their teacher (YAYheart), and hopefully a quick chat. We would absolutely love to see as many children as possible, therefore it would be appreciated if people can start to arrive as close to 12.45 as possible.


Looking forward to seeing you all.


The Year 2 team

Thank you to the parent who called in re my spelling error, much appreciated smiley 

Thursday June 18th

Shifty McGifty and the Slippery Sam part 1

Still image for this video
There are diamonds galore at the grand ball and the detective dogs, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, are cooking on the job when disaster strikes!

part 2

Still image for this video

Don’t call me Choochie Pooh! Part 1

Still image for this video
I might be little, but I’m not one of those silly, grizzly dogs you get......

Part 2

Still image for this video

Be Brave Little Penguin

Still image for this video

Tuesday 16th June

The orange writing just says I can find the most efficient way. The children are encouraged to find the easiest way for themselves to do mental maths, breaking down numbers into easy manageable chunks.

Some maths support

Can I tell you a secret?

Still image for this video
Monty the frog 🐸 has a secret. Promise not to tell? He can’t swim! And he’s terrified of water! What is he going to do?

Can I tell you a secret? Part 2 🐸

Still image for this video

Morning gorgeous children,


Because I have smashed my iPad screen (oops cheeky), I need to find another way to record for you. In the meantime, I have found this

The sound cloud is a super resource and if you type in the name of the author in the search bar it will bring up their books, often even read by them!


Have fun.




Have a wonderful weekend.


From the Year 2 team heart

Good morning children,


I apologise, I cannot upload the If I were a Bee poem. I have damaged my iPad and I am not sure if it is recording properly! I’ve smashed my screen! I’ll see how I can get it fixed, but in the meantime enjoy the poem on the home learning sheet.


Sorry 🙁


Ms Osborne

Big Bad Bill and the naughty step part 2 xx

Still image for this video

Big Bad Bill and the naughty step part 1

Still image for this video
What's going on on the naughty step?

Someone Bigger

Still image for this video
This one is without my daughter jumping in the way ............ sorry about that!

Someone Bigger

Still image for this video
Sam and Dad have made a kite ............

Someone Bigger Part 2

Still image for this video

The above link is an introduction to following a meerkat family, the Whiskers Family, via webcam. Due to the nature of the wild I cannot guarantee a happy ending for all animals, but we know that this is how nature and survival works. Enjoy, they are wonderful. smiley

Peely Wally ⭐️

Still image for this video
Where’s the egg ......

Good morning Year 2 children and welcome to another wonderful week of learning. We hope you have had a fun weekend and are ready for another exciting week.


Missing you


Year 2 team heart

The Knight who wouldn’t Fight (part 1) 💕

Still image for this video
How do you tame a dragon? Just read him a story! When Leo’s mum and dad pack him off to fight a dragon, he takes a shield, a sword - and a pile of his favourite books. After all, surely even dragons can’t resist a good story? 🌈

The Knight who wouldn’t Fight (part 2)

Still image for this video

Happy Friday Year 2. We hope you  have had a fun week of learning and are looking forward to a restful weekend.




Year 2 team

Friday 05th June

Thursday 4th June

Good morning beautiful Year 2 children, (missing you)


We hope you have a wonderful day. Now that the weather has cooled down a little it's a good time to catch up on that reading we haven't been wanting to do because it's sunny outside (yes, I have kids toodevil)




Year 2 team

Good morning Year 2,


We have received queries regarding the White Rose Maths which parents have been using to support their children at home. As a school we do not have a subscription however we suggest the following to support and guide.


I hope these are useful. BBCbitesize is also very well resourced and interactive.


Have a great day


Year 2

How to Hide a Lion, part 2

Still image for this video
Where can a small girl hide a very large lion? It’s not easy, but Iris has to do her best. After all, mums and dads can be funny about having a lion in the house!

How to Hide a Lion, part 1

Still image for this video

Over the Grasslands

Still image for this video
'Over the grasslands in the heat of the sun,
Lived an old mother rhino and her little rhino one.'
Go exploring in the grasslands and see who else you can find as you count...…….

Monday 1st June 2020


Good morning Year 2. We are very excited to support some more home learning. We hope you have a lot of fun with this home learning. Keep an eye for new stories being added too.


Sending you lots of smiles


Missing you lots!


The Year 2 team

Dear Year 2,

Take a break from home learning this week, but keep an eye out for new stories being added. There are some below to get you started.




Dear Year 2,


I have been trying to figure this out for a while now, but think I have finally made a start! My challenge is to get better over time so I am hoping if you are watching these videos, that soon you will see an improvement. I would like to get better at - holding the book, speaking clearly, editing out any background noise, reading more fluently etc etc. If you have any suggestions, let me know when I next call you!


Missing you 


Ms Osborne

The stories below all have a similar theme. Can you spot what it is? 

It’s ............ Cuddly Duddley

Still image for this video
Dudley is so lovely and cuddly that his brothers and sisters just can’t leave him alone!

Cuddly Dudley (part 2)

Still image for this video

Poles Apart (part 1)

Still image for this video
As everyone knows, penguins live at the South Pole. And polar bears live at the North Pole, 12,430 miles away. But in this story, polar bears and penguins soon become the best of friends ...... how can this be?

Poles Apart (part 2)

Still image for this video

The Runaway Iceberg (part 1)

Still image for this video
This story follows two emperor penguins on a very big adventure! When the ice breaks and they start to float away, they will need some very special animal friends to help them get home.

The Runaway Iceberg (part 2)

Still image for this video

Friday 22nd May




We hope you enjoy your last day of learning tasks before a well deserved week off in the sunshine! We won't be making any phone calls over half term but remember that we will be thinking of you all and miss you!


Stay safe and big hugs to you all.


Year 2 xx

Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year 2, 


With the forecast looking nice for today we hope it puts you all in a good mood. We hope you have had a go at the Gruffalo trail, if not, we hope you get to very soon. Below is your challenging tasks for today as well as your task sheet for spelling, punctuation and grammar. 


Have a great day, 


Year 2 team X

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning everyone,


As well as your usual learning tasks for today, we have added an extra fun activity for you and your families to try. It involves a bit of daily exercise and the Gruffalo! Have a super day!


Year 2 xx

Tuesday 19th May


Morning Year 2, 


How lucky are we with the beautiful sunshine this week! Here are your learning tasks for today. We hope you are all still safe and well. We are missing you lots and lots! Have a fab day.


Year 2 team xx

Monday 18th May


Good morning Year 2, 


Welcome to another week and what would have been the final week of the half term. We hope you have had a great weekend and managed to do some fun activities at home. Did you know that the brain is 80% water? This is the reason we are always encouraging you to drink water during the day. So have a glass of water now ready for the challenging tasks below. 


Have a great day, 


Year 2 team. X

Friday 15th May


Good morning Year 2,


We have now reached the end of another week of home learning and hope you have all enjoyed the tasks we have set this week. Below are your tasks for today to have a go at. Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday with more challenging tasks. Until then...


Stay safe,


Year 2 team X

Thursday 14th May


Good morning Year 2, 


We hope you are all well and looking after each other at home. The 'what we've been up to' section of the website is added to daily and we are enjoying seeing all the fun learning you are doing at home. The White Rose website which we have encouraged you to use is now charging for the service with only videos being available. We currently do not have a subscription to this resource. We can still however recommend BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy as alternatives. 


Below is your daily task for today. Have a great day. 


Year 2 team

Wednesday 13th May


Good morning Year 2, 


Hope you have all woken up ready for a good day ahead. Below is your tasks for today and want you to try and edit the teachers work! Have a great day and stay safe.  


Year 2 Team

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning year 2, 


Hope you are all well and managing to maintain the routine of trying some of the tasks we have been setting you. A small reminder that all the work we are setting are things that you have learnt in class previously. Enjoy the tasks for today, especially a little challenge to see if you can remember fractions!


Have a nice day, 


Year 2 team X

Monday 11th May


Good morning all children and parents, 


We hope you all enjoyed the Bank holiday and managed to have lots of family time, especially with the kind weather. It has been great to get your emails of all the fun things you have been doing and are all on the 'what we've been up to' section for you all to see. Below is your challenges for today so enjoy and continue to be safe. 


Year Two team. X

Thursday 7th May


Good morning,


Here are your learning tasks for today. We hope you have a lovely day in the sunshine and do things that make you smile. Keep practising all your super learning! Sending lots of positive thoughts to you all.


Year 2 team xx

Wednesday 6th May


Morning all,


Here are your learning tasks for today. Remember there are also lots of super links to learning resources in our 'staying at home' section of the website, if you feel like you want some extra challenges!


Enjoy the sunshine today,

Year 2 xx

Tuesday 5th May


Morning everyone,


Here are your learning tasks for today. We look forward to speaking to you lots of you on the phone again over the next few weeks. If you haven't already, have a look at the little video the staff at NBIS put together to show you how much we miss you! It is in the 'staying at home' section on our website.


Have a fab day,


Year 2 team xx

Monday 4th May


Good morning!


Hope you all had a super weekend and are all safe and well. Here are your learning tasks for today. Enjoy!


Year 2 team xx

Friday 1st May


Good morning Year 2 and parents, 


Random fact for 1st May for you. Today will have two minutes more daylight than yesterday! 

Below is the last task sheet for this week and hope you are all remembering to learn your spellings which are above. 

As well as the blog page, if you are looking for further challenges please go the following websites.  You will find video links with inputs to lessons which you might find helpful.


I see maths home learning - KS1 activities

White Rose maths home learning - Year 2

Letters and sounds for home and school - Youtube


We hope you find these useful.


Year 2 team xx

Thursday 30th April


Good morning, 


We hope you are all well and enjoyed writing your own spring poem yesterday. We have attached a new set of tasks for you to try today and sure you will enjoy them. Your first task is to do a dance to make the rain go away!


Have a great day, 


Year 2 team xx

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning Year 2 and parents, 


We hope you are all well. There will be no mention of the weather as our spring weather seems to be in full swing this week. Today we have a feast of tasks for you, including writing a spring poem. We know that you will enjoy them, so have fun. 


Missing you all, 


Year 2 team. 

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning, 


We hope you are all safe and staying home whilst finding time to do some learning. We are enjoying the daily treats of emails from you showing all the exciting things you have all been doing. Hope you are all ready for another set of daily tasks to have a go at.



Year 2 team

Monday 27th April


Good morning, 


Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr Stuart who completed is own 'London' marathon yesterday. A great achievement and money well raised for charity. 

I hope the weekend was good to you all and that you managed to enjoy the sunshine and all the colourful signs of spring that are now with us. We will continue to call you all this week and looking forward to hearing what you have been up to. We have loved to see all the pictures and emails about what you have been doing at home, so please keep them coming. 

Below is today's learning tasks for you all to have a go at. Please also check for an email from school about the free phonics lessons and tasks which will be available daily and for free!


Have a great day, 


Year 2 team xx

Friday 24th April


Good morning,


Hope you are all well. Here is the final set of tasks for this week. Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday with a new set of daily tasks.


Stay home and safe. 


Year 2 team xx

Thursday 23rd April


Good morning year 2 and parents, 


We hope you are all enjoying the daily tasks we have set you this week. We have started to make phone calls to you all and are excited to hear what you have been up to. We have loved seeing the pictures of the amazing things you have been sending in. Keep them coming!


Year 2 team XX

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning!


Here are today's activities. Have a super day!


Year 2 team xx


Tuesday 21st April


Good morning,


Hope you all had a super Monday. A new spelling list for the next half term has been added to the blog and should be displayed at the top of the page. Below is also your activity for the day!


Hope you are all well. Missing you lots as always! We will be beginning our next round of phone calls over the next few weeks. We can't wait to catch up and hear what you have all been up to!


Stay safe,

Year 2 team xx

Monday 20th April


Good Morning Year 2 and parents, 

We hope you have had a good Easter and managed to enjoy the sunshine while staying safe. We are now entering a new half term and will be adding daily tasks for you to have a go at. A reminder that the tasks are all things that you have learnt at school previously and are there to help you remember them. Don't forget to email in any pictures of the exciting things you get up to so we can put them on the school website.  Take a look at the 'staying at home page' to see what your friends have been up to.

Remember to stay home, stay safe and help your families out when possible. 


Year 2 team

Friday 3rd April


Good morning,


We have reached the end of our spring term and what a strange end it has been! We won't be posting home learning on the blog over the Easter break. We hope you can spend lots of quality time with each other and continue to do all the amazing, creative activities you have been doing already. Know that we are missing each and every one of your smiley faces and can't wait until we can see you all again.


Enjoy Friday's activities, keep being super stars and have a happy, safe Easter break.


Year 2 team xx

Thursday 2nd April




Hope you are all still well. We have absolutely loved seeing some of your amazing home learning on the 'staying at home' page on our blog. What creative ideas you have had!


Here is today's joke:


Why was the Easter bunny so upset?

He was having a bad hare day!


We hope you are enjoying writing your information leaflets about motor cars and coming up with your own designs. We are sure you have done a fantastic job!


Year 2 team xx

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning!


Well, April is here already! Easter is coming up very soon, perhaps you could find some time over the next week to remember the Easter story and why we celebrate Easter (it's not just the chocolate - although that is a great reason!). I thought we needed an Easter related joke today..


Why shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a good joke?

It might crack up!


Hope you are all well. Enjoy your home learning and another special day spent together. Missing you all lots!


Year 2 team xx

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning lovely Year 2s!


What kind of nut do you hang pictures on?

A walnut!


We hope you had a super Monday and are enjoying teaching your families all about the history of the motor car. We can't wait to hear about your futuristic car inventions too! It was so lovely to hear from more of you yesterday. Remember to email to school any pictures of what you have been up to, and check the stay at home page to see if your pictures have been posted yet.


Here are your learning tasks for today, enjoy!


Year 2 team xx

Monday 30th march


Good morning Year 2 and parents, 


Today i'm going to start with two jokes. 


How do you get into the forest? 

Through the 'end tree'


What is a birds favourite subject?



We really are missing you all and have started to call you all to check in and hear your voices. It has made us all very happy knowing that you are safe, whilst enjoying knowing what you have been up to. I hope that you have all had a good weekend and have managed to enjoy the sunshine and get outside to enjoy the signs of spring. It really is a lovely time of year! Below is the daily tasks for you to have a go at and hope they challenge you. 


Year 2 team. 

Timetable of Fun

While we are encouraging you all to continue your learning at home, we also want to remind you that having fun is also what we do at school. So, we are sharing this calendar with you all to give you some ideas of the fun things you can do each day as a family. 



Friday 27th March


Good morning Year 2 and parents, 


What do you call a dear with no eyes? 

No idea!


Well done everyone. You have got to Friday and the last day of the school week! We really do hope that the children have developed a routine at home and finding time to continue their learning. Children, we hope that you are helping family members with chores whilst being respectful by allowing adults to work from home if possible. Below is the tasks we have designed for you for today and hope you enjoy them. 


Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday with more tasks. 


Year 2 Team

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Year 2 and parents, 


Today I am going to break tradition and start with a joke, so groans at the ready.


Why is Peter Pan flying all the time? 

He Neverlands!


I hope you all managed to enjoy the sunshine yesterday. The signs of spring are starting to emerge and with the nice weather, is a great time to get out into the garden to investigate. We also hope that the tasks we set are enjoyable and you and putting you somewhere in the learning pit. Below is today's learning tasks which we think will make your brain hurt! 


Have fun, 


Year 2 team



Wednesday 25th March


Morning children and parents, 


We hope that your first day of working at home was good and you managed to complete some of the tasks that we set you. School is a very quiet place and we are all missing the children a lot. Remember to try and complete as many of the tasks as you can, but making sure you find time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The Year 2 team will continue to add a new set of tasks every day so make sure you come back every morning to see what we have planned for you.


Year 2 team. 

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 2 and parents. 


Each morning we will be adding a number of tasks that you can do at home with your children to support them during the School closure. The daily tasks will encourage Reading, English, Maths, Spelling and Topical work and we hope this will support your children's learning. Please click on the word document below to access the learning tasks. 


See you all soon, 


Year 2 team

Welcome to the Year 2 page. We would welcome parents letting us know what they would like to be available on this page for their support at home. In addition, we will add information about how you can support at home on to our bulletin and also on to this page in order to helps us to work collaboratively and make learning fun and exciting for all. 


There red are so many fun game websites available and sometimes it is just knowing what to look for that can be helpful as a parent. Some suggestions for key words you can use to search for apps or games:

- place value

- times tables

- word searches

- arrays in maths 


Currently in maths we are looking at multiplication as sharing : the children will show you ...... I just found this with a quick google search, however this can be reconstructed in the home if you rather using literally any resource and attaching a noun to it. Stones, buttons, dried pasta - can all become mice, cars etc.




Continuing to read at home  as often as possible out loud to an attentive adult can lead to significant growth in confidence for the child. 

Thank you
Wednesday the 6th November 2019 the children are invited to dress as a witch or wizard in order to celebrate Izzy Whizzy Day. 

At the moment the children are learning their 2 times tables, doubling and multiplying by 2. This can be supported at home by reciting 2 times tables, 2 times tables games, seeing numbers and doubling them, talking about even numbers and showing multiplication as repeated addition. 


i.e. 4 x 2 = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 

Izzy Whizzy spellings, weeks 1 - 7



















































Recap the


six weeks.


Please can the children receive your help with learning their Christmas songs listed below, thank you.



We wish you a merry Christmas 

Away in a manger

Mary had a baby

Frosty the snowman

On a start night

Little donkey

Sparkle & Shine


Thank you


Year 2 team


Spring 1, spellings in advance.
We have been learning about time. How to tell the time, what can help us, days of the week, months of the year, hours, minutes etc.