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Frequently Asked Questions

Any question you might have about our school may be answered below.  If you have a query that remains unanswered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our contact details can be found here.

Do you have a Breakfast & After-School Club?

We have both breakfast and after school clubs which are known as Treetops. We started providing this service two years ago and it continues to grow. Treetops provides wrap around care for pupils at both North Baddesley Infant and Junior Schools. Children receive a healthy breakfast or snack and enjoy a range of activities which keep them entertained until the start of the school day or home time. Treetops Breakfast Club runs from 7:45am and Treetops After School Club ends at 6:00pm. An application pack for our Treetops provision can be collected from the school office or downloaded from the school website:  We work hard to provide high-quality wrap around care for any family who needs it but cannot guarantee a place at all sessions that might be required. Please let us know your needs as soon as you are offered a place.

My child has a specific medical need; how will you manage this?

If a child has a specific medical need or requires the administration of medication, we would complete a Health Care Plan with you before your child starts school to ensure they receive the care and support they need. It is rare that a child would receive additional 1:1 support for their medical need and, if you think this is required for your child, please talk to their current childcare setting about applying for an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) so this is in place when your child starts at North Baddesley Infant School.

What should my child be able to do before starting school?

Please do not feel your child has to be at a specific stage of development before joining school. Every child has a different starting point in anything they are learning and we will adapt our teaching so that your child works on their own next step of their development. It is, of course, helpful for your child to have a level of independence. Please give your child opportunities to develop this in the following ways:

· Use a knife and fork

· Use the toilet without assistance

· Hang up their coat on a peg

· Get dressed and undressed

· Follow simple instructions

· Recognise their own name

If there is anything here that you are concerned about, please let your child’s class teacher know during the home visit. We know that every child is unique and we will work with them and you to provide the support they need.

I had problems at school; will my child have these same problems?

Whatever your experience of school, it is unlikely this same experience will be repeated for your child. Schools change over time and, consequently, your child will learn in ways that you did not, using resources that you may not have encountered at school. Your child also has a different starting point and experiences outside of school compared to those you had as a child. Very few attributes of learning are inherited which means if you struggled with maths at school, this does not mean your child will too. At North Baddesley Infant School we talk about having a ‘Growth Mindset’ and know that everyone can improve through practice and learn from mistakes. We never say ‘I can’t do this’; we say ‘I can’t do this yet’. We nurture the whole child, helping them grow, not only academically, but also teaching them about behaviour, being Ready, Respectful and Safe. We also focus on their social and emotional development.

How do you teach reading?

In the Early Years (Year R) children begin to read words using a scheme of systematic synthetic phonics which is usually simply referred to as phonics. The use of phonics to teach reading is compulsory for all schools. We use a scheme called 'Little Wandle: Letters and Sounds Revised' which is a government validated scheme. Phonics is a successful scheme which empowers children to read independently and very quickly enables them to read short words and identify the sounds that letters make. This may be different to the way you learnt to read at school and we run parent and carer workshops to help you to understand how you can best support your child during their time at school.

Will my child stay in the same class throughout their time at North Baddesley Infant School?

We make a decision based on the individual cohort whether or not to mix the classes when children move from Year R into Year 1. Sometimes, after getting to know the children over the course of the year, it is beneficial to form new class groups but we do not do this routinely. If we do mix the classes, they typically remain unchanged for Years 1 and 2.

My child has friends at their preschool; can they be in the same class?

We ask parents and carers to submit a short list of friends their child has when joining the school. We endeavour to ensure they are placed in a class with at least one of these friends but cannot guarantee this. Our Year R provision is structured so that the three classes mix during their learning and, consequently, your child will often see their friends in other classes and the whole school community, including Monty and Winston.

My child isn’t joining with a friend; how will they settle?

Our priority is to make sure that all children feel safe at school. Most children are experts at making new friends and the team will help your child to settle in and make new friends quickly if they need support with this. At the start of the year we have a staggered entry for our new Year R children. This means that for the first few weeks your child will attend as part of a smaller group and for a shorter period of time. This will support them to get used to the school setting, help the school community get to know them and help them make new friendships.

I am out of catchment; will I get a place for my child?

School admissions are organised by Hampshire County Council and we do not make the decision regarding who gets a place at our school. However, we do take a number of children out of catchment and, in the last two years, have been able to accommodate all first choice requests for places at our school. Once your child attends North Baddesley Infant School, they will be able to progress to North Baddedsley Junior School without fear of losing their place due to catchment.

Do I have to reapply for the Junior School?

In the Autumn Term when your child is in Year 2, you will need to reapply through the school admissions portal. We will remind you about this at the time. The Junior School admissions policy states that pupils from the Infant School have priority for places at the Junior School and they are guaranteed a place even if out of catchment.

How many children and adults are in a class?

Infant schools can have a maximum of thirty children in a class. In Year R we have a ratio of one adult to fifteen children all day. This means each class has at least a class teacher and a class teaching assistant, with each adult being a key person for no more than fifteen children. In Key Stage One, all classes have a class teacher, together with a teaching assistant every morning.

Why do you do home visits?

Before your child joins North Baddesley Infant School, their class teacher will visit them in their home. This is an important stage of their transition to infant school as it helps them become familiar with their first teacher. It also helps the teacher know a little about your child and gives an opportunity for you to speak confidentially to your child’s class teacher about any concerns you have. The biggest impact of home visits is establishing trust. By inviting the class teacher into your home, you are showing your child they can trust this person and that is key to giving them a positive start at school.

Will my child be visited in their nursery?

Children join North Baddesley Infant School from a wide range of infant and pre-school settings, both in and out of catchment. Our Year R team are dedicated to making sure they speak to staff in every setting with children joining us and they endeavour to visit each of these settings so they can see your child playing and learning confidently in a familiar setting.

What will learning look like in Year R?

Learning in Year R is ‘child led’ and based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, the same curriculum that is used at nursery and pre-school settings. The teachers create learning opportunities that entice children to learn through their individual interests and topics that spark their imagination. Children will learn through planned provision during Discovery Time (child-led learning) and also access some whole class and small group inputs, typically having a phonics, writing or maths focus. Whole-class inputs reflect the developing concentration spans of children and increase in length over the course of the year. Typically, at the beginning of Year R, inputs are never longer than 10 minutes which increases to 20 minutes by the Summer Term.

How is children's leaning documented?

Tapestry is the online platform we use to record your child’s development at our school. We will share photos of your child’s learning at school and encourage you to make observations at home to share with us in school. Tapestry can be accessed on a computer and through an app on your phone or tablet. If you already have Tapestry at your child’s preschool setting, it is likely this will be discontinued when they leave and a new account opened at North Baddesley Infant School. Your pre-school should give you an opportunity to download and keep all of the information they have recorded before your child leaves.

Do you expect children to complete homework?

At North Baddesley Infant School, we value the time that children spend time with their families, having discussions around the family dinner table and enjoying days out that are memorable for your child. We give suggestions for home learning, linked to the topic that the children are focussing on, but these are not compulsory. Families can access the home learning, if, or when, it is suitable. We recommend children to read five times a week with a family member. We also encourage families to read to their child and share stories whenever possible.

I qualify for free school meals, what should I do?

All pupils at North Baddesley Infant School are eligible for free school meals under the government Universal Free School Meals programme. Therefore, every school-aged child is entitled to a healthy hot meal cooked on the school site every day. This entitlement ends when your child joins Year 3 at the Junior School. It is, therefore, important to let us know if you believe you may be entitled to claim free school meals due to your financial status. We can then ensure this is recorded in advance of your child joining Year 3 and also claim additional financial support that your child is entitled to during their time at NBIS. Even if you are affected for only a short period of time, your child’s entitlement to support may continue for a number of their school years so please apply if you feel you may be eligible. Children who have access to Free School Meals also benefit from a reduced cost for school trips and wrap around care and funding for the school can enhance their academic provision.