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Pupil Premium

What is pupil premium?

Pupil premium is a sum of money given to schools each year by the government to improve the academic progress of disadvantaged children. The money is intended to directly benefit the children who are eligible, helping to narrow the gap between them and their peers. It can also be called ‘free school meals’. All infants are entitled to free school meals but if you are eligible for pupil premium, you will also receive free school meals in the future.

Who is eligible for pupil premium?

Primary schools are given a pupil premium for:

  • Children from low income families
  • Children in care
  • Children who were previously in care who have been adopted, or who have a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order or a residence order
  • Children recorded as being from service families.

Check if you are eligible by following this link: Online FSM Application (

How is the pupil premium funding spent?

Schools can choose how to spend their pupil premium money, as they are best placed to identify what would be of most benefit to the children who are eligible.

Some of the ways we spend the money at North Baddesley Infant School include:

  • Ensuring high quality inclusive teaching for all
  • Professional development for staff
  • Purchasing resources to support delivery of the curriculum         
  • A range of parenting classes
  • Holiday and after school clubs
  • Pastoral support, such as breakfast & uniform, where needed
  • Social and Emotional Learning support, including nurture groups, ELSA and TALA
  • Memorable experiences
  • Outside learning
  • Interventions to catch up learning
  • One to one and small group support in class

See the pupil premium strategy or pupil premium summary for more information.